Tired of pest in your home?


Safe Yourself And Family From Food Poisoning. Make Your Home Comfortable And Non-contaminated All Year Round. "A Pest FREE Home Is A Healthy Home".

This Device Helps to Get Rid Of Pests In Your Home, Store/Warehouse, Poultry Farm etc.

Use This Device In Your Poultry Farm And Safe Your Birds From Dying. Safe Your Investment Today!

Get rid of rats, cockroaches, wall gekos, flies, bugs, mosquitoes, spiders and all pests in your home, office, shop, warehouse etc. 

PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE! The cost of this device cannot be compared to the health challenges and over all cost that pests (mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches etc) pose. 


  • You don't want to share your home with pests
  • Protect your poultry birds from dying
  • You don't want to invite "strangers" to your home for fumigation purposes. That is a very serious security breach. You should trust nobody.
  • You don't want to walk around searching for smelly dead rats and pests in corners after using the regular pest control that kills pests giving your home a strong stench that can be embarassing especially to visitors
  • You want a healthy home. Flies, cockcroaches etc contaminate foods and surfaces in the home making foods and the home unhealthy. Say NO to food poisoning!

ALL you need is our original Pest Repellent that repels rodents, mosquitoes,flies and many pests for good, giving you a healthy and pest-free home all year round. 

Feedback from our satisfied customers

"This is unbelievable. I have bought differents product to kill Flies, rats and cockcroaches in my house because they gots me so irritated. So, when I saw this device advertised online, I had to try my luck and honestly prayed it worked. Guess what.....? It worked like magic. I am really happy I took that step of faith.

- Lagos State. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

It Really Work!

"I'm really satisfied with This product. This product is simply amazing. Moreover, it is environmentally and pets friendly. My children can now play on the floor without being scared of ants, cockcroaches etc.
I really appreciate the comfort this product has offered me and my family.

 Mrs Audu M.
- Abuja. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Features Of Pest Reject

Upgraded Ultrasonic Technology 

Made with newest chip to enhance the intensity of ultrasonic wave, which can be more effectively to make pests and rodents are harder to immunize than before. Ultrasonic can disturb and irritate the nervous system of pests which makes them unpleasant and uncomfortable. Ultimately drives them away from your home. Work well on mosquitoes, mouse, cockroach, spiders, ants, flies, bedbugs, fleas and more pests.

Eco-Friendly and Safe Design

The pest repellent is safe and environment-friendly, 100% safe for human and pets. The pest reject adopts the physical way and humane solution to repel mice and pests out from home instead of killing them, no chemicals, no smell, non-toxic and radiation free.

Wide Coverage & Energy-Efficient

The device is effective for an area up to 80-120m2. The best efficiency is equipped in houses and apartments, in offices, hotel, warehouses , garages, attics, basements, farms and so on. Using it for your home yields amazing results as ultrasonic effect will be weakened by walls and solid objects. It is an economical and effective pest control solution compared with expensive pest control service.


1. The machine should be installed 20 ~ 80cm away from the ground, and the power socket should be inserted perpendicular to the ground.

2. The installation point should avoid carpet, curtain and other sound-absorbing materials as far as possible, so as not to prevent the reduction of sound pressure, reduce sound area and affect insect repellent effect;

3. During the first few days of use, it is normal to find that activities of mice and pests increase significantly. Rats and insects that normally hide in their nests flee their original hiding places after being attacked by ultrasound and electromagnetic waves.

It's quite easy to use, just plug it to power source and watch it do the magic.


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Sunday, August 23rd, 2020

We offer Payment On Delivery Nationwide


Payment On Delivery Is Available To Customers In All The States In Nigeria.

Customers outside LAGOS are required to pay a commitment fee of N2,000 only. This still forms part of the total amount for product ordered. You pay the balance on delivery. 


If you are ordering outside LAGOS... Pay a commitment fee of N2,000 into:


Bank Name: Adeniji Ridwanulahi


Account No: 2140583131


Bank: United Bank Of Africa [UBA]


After payment, go ahead and fill the order form below and send. Your order will be processed instantly.



Once we Confirm your order through a call
We will hand over the product to the Logistic company we use.
They will package it and the Product will be delivered to your doorsteps or nearest pick up station, depending on your location within 1-5 days, LAGOS Delivery is within 48hrs
PsWe understand the importance of PRIVACYWe shall package this product very well and no-one else but you will understand what this package is all about.
Note: We only Have 10 pics of This PEST REJECT Available. If you are really Interested. Then You Have to Order for it today Before it is SOLD OUT!


Please We Are Begging, DO NOT  Place An Order For This PRODUCT  If You Don't Have The following below :
  1. The Sum Of  ₦ 11,000 ready to receive the Product
  2. If you are not ready to receive the product within  1 to 5 days  To Avoid Wasting Our Time, Money And Resources!!!
  3. Please don't place an order if you will be traveling in the  next 5 days  from now

We spend a lot of resources (time, money and energy)  to ship these items to different Locations all round Nigeria and a lot of people would place an order And refuse to collect once It arrives their locations, causing us over  million in losses monthly.

So we are pleading with you now, please do not order for this product if you will be travelling soon or you don't have the cash ready to recieve the product right now.

 Please we beg you in the name of God/Allah, if you don't respect us then you must Respect God your creator.

But if you are ready to get it Today.

 All orders are payment on delivery-which means you don't pay until you receive the product.

You can call us for more enquiries on 09033936692.


NB - You May Also Message Us On Whatsapp To Confirm That Your Details Were Gotten After Filling The Form Or For More inquiries.

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